Sunday, December 30, 2007

What I Got For Christmas

My Christmas present arrived yesterday. It's a Disneyland Records display unit. I am not 100% sure what it was used for, but it looks like it would have held Disney albums, Disney 45's and tapes. I'm also not sure of the exact year this is from, but I would guess its from the late 70's or early 80's.
This item was destined to belong to me. I saw it first over a year ago at a local antique mall. The price tag was $150 and at the time I just didn't have the cash. I thought about it a lot over the next few months, so I decided to go back and have another look. To my disappointment, the booth that the Disney display unit had been in, was now empty. My chance to purchase it was gone. Fast forward about a year and on a day out thrift shop hunting, I came upon a new antique mall about an hour away from home. After wandering around the mall for a while, I found a both cluttered with junk, and in the back was the Disney Display unit. I don't know for certain, but it must be the same one, as its not the sort of item you find very often. Again this time, I was a little short on cash, so once again, I left without purchasing it. But this time, I just kept thinking about it. I had to own it and add it to my collection to display my favorite Disneyland albums. When my mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I thought for a second, and then told her I wanted this Disney display unit I had seen and that if she would go in on the purchase cost with me, that would be the perfect gift. She agreed, so I quickly did some hunting on the internet for the mall's phone number and called to see if it was still there. And luckily for me it was, so I had them put a hold on it for me. We went in the next day and the plan was to dismantle it and put the pieces into my wife's car (a large LeSabre). The problem is, after 20 or 30 minutes to trying to take it apart, we came to realize it wasn't going to be dismantled without destroying it. Undaunted, I asked if there was any way to have it delivered. I was told that her usual delivery guys charged about $40 for local deliveries and more depending of the distance - so this was going to be way to much cash! She said see had a tenant in the mall who lived out my way and that may be able to deliver the item for me. So with that I paid for it and headed home with a bug smile on my face. A few days went by and I didn't hear anything, so I called the shop to see what was up. The lady told me that she had not been able to contact the person she had told me about, but that one of her business associates was coming out to my area on the weekend and that for $20 they would bring it out for me! Hurray! So, at noon on Saturday, my Disney Display until showed up and after spending a day in the front entrance of the house, I finally got around to cleaning it up tonight. It looked like it had about 20 years of dust and dirt on it, so it took a while, but it looks great. I can't wait to clear a spot in my room and bring it up and then fill it with Disney records. I'll be sure to post another picture once its in its out of the hallway and it its new home.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from the DLR Blog

Merry Christmas to all who visit this happy place!

Thanks for visiting the Disneyland Records Blog!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Disneyland Records Christmas

Here are four great Disneyland Records Christmas records I picked up recently in my thrift shop travels.
The first is Disney Christmas Favorites - The Mouse Concert plus other Yuletide Favorites. Check out this great album cover. I just love the artwork of the mice on the front and back covers of this album. I didn't photograph it, but the back cover has drawings of the various mice playing their different instruments. This copy is made in Canada, 1973, and distributed in Canada by Walt Disney Music of Canada Limited. Songs on the album are your typical Christmas fare. There are two tracks by Cliff Edwards, and one by Ludwig Mousensky and the All Mouse Symphony Orchestra & Chorus.
Second is Walt Disney's Christmas Favorites. This one is from 1958, and is a product of Pickwick International Inc (GB) Ltd, and distributed under licence from Walt Disney Productions Ltd.
The back of the album jacket has some info on Ludwig Mousensky: "This is a record that embodies all the spirits of St. Nicholas, Santa Claus and Father Christmas. In song and story, some old, some new, Mickey Mouse Record artists bring you many delightful moments on this long playing record.
Discovered under a stairway at the Disneyland Studio, the unique all-mouse symphony orchestra under the able baton of Ludwig Mousensky is undoubtedly the first and finest rodent ensemble in the world. And, we here at Disneyland records are proud to present their first recording, The Christmas Concert. Here are Christmas hymns, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, O Little Town of Bethlehem, O Come All Ye Faithful, Jingle Bells, and the popular Winter Wonderland. The Mousensky group's rendition of these songs is truly a delightful experience for all. Under the maestro, the orchestra, consisting of Skueeky, Zeke, Horace, Henrietta, Tubby, Tootie, Clarence, Pinky, Stuffy, Zooty, Hans, Fritz, Otto (these three were formerly with the Vienna's famed eutschMICEster Band), Pee Wee and Frenchy give a new dimension to these Christmas favourites. All proving that Christmas is a time for both mice and men.
Next up is Rankin/Bass presents Frosty's Winter Wonderland, Complete Story and Original Soundtrack from 1976. The complete story from the second (and not nearly as good) Frosty Christmas animated special, told and sung by Andy Griffith. Other guest voices are Shelley Winters as Mrs. Frosty, Dennis Day as the Parson, Jackie Vernon as Frosty, and Paul Frees as jack Frost. This one is also made and distributed in Canada by Walt Disney Music of Canada Limited.
Finally, we have Disney's Merry Christmas Carols, starting Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy & Chop 'n' Dale, with Larry Groce and the Disneyland Children's Sing-Along Chorus. This one also has the usual Christmas songs, including The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't be Late), I Wish it Could be Christmas All Year Yong, Here We Come A-Caroling, Sleigh Ride etc. The nice thing about the album is that the back cover has the lyrics for all eleven songs on the album so that everyone can sing along. The date on this one is 1980.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Disneyland Records on iTunes

Being a big Macintosh fan, I have been using iTunes for what seems like forever. And ever since they first introduced Disney music on iTunes back in 2004, I have been hunting around iTunes looking for any new tracks that they add. Unfortunately it can be tricky to find all the new additions, as just typing in Disney in the search box does not find all the wonderful Disney music there is to be had.
The first Disney related album I found on iTunes (and subsequently purchased) was the 1956 album "Walt Disney Takes You To Disneyland", which just happens to be the first album on the Disneyland Records label. I actually own an actual copy of the vinyl album, but it was great to be able to purchase a mint sounding MP3 version to actually listen to. You may also notice from the picture above, that I was also the first one to do a review of the album on iTunes.
As I said above, it can be a bit of a chore to find the Disney albums on iTunes, but they are there is you look. After searching the web for info on Disney music on iTunes, I did find these two listings which list 31 of the great albums you can find on iTunes. Hopefully with time, even more great old Disney albums will show up. For now, here is a list of some of what you can find on iTunes:

Available on iTunes as of January 16, 2007
1. The Black Hole Soundtrack - NOT PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE
2. Fess Parker: Cowboy and Indian Songs
3. Louis Prima: Let’s Fly with Mary Poppins
5. Mickey Mouse Disco
6. Echoes of Disneyland – NOT PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE
8. Babes In Toyland
9. Stan Jones: Ghost Riders In the Sky – NOT PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE
10. Tinpanorama

Added to iTuens on November 7, 2006
2. Songs from the Mickey Mouse Club Serials
3. Hawaiiannette
4. Mary Martin Hi-Ho
5. Ukulele Ike Sings Again
6. Burl Ives: Chim Chim Cher-ee & Other Children’s Choices
7. Rex Allen Sings 16 Golden Hits
8. Let’s Get Together with Hayley Mills
9. Woody’s Round Up
10. Musical Highlights from the Mickey Mouse Club TV Show
11. Fairy Tale Weddings (Instrumental Impressions)
12. A Child’s Garden of Verses - NOT PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE
13. Walt Disney Takes You To Disneyland
14. Professor Ludwig Von Drake
15. Annette’s Beach Party – NOT PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE
16. Summer Magic Soundtrack
17. Alice In Wonderland (Camarata)
18. Sebastian
19. Rhythm of the Pridelands
20. Walt Disney Records Archive Collection Volume 1 – NOT PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE
21. Walt Disney Records Archive Collection Volume 2 – NOT PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE