Friday, November 6, 2009

Susie, The Little Blue Coupe & The Little House

Today I am featuring two great Disneyland Record and Books, one that features anthropomorphied cars, and another that features an anthropomorphised house.
The first is Susie, The Little Blue Coupe from 1970. Susie the Little Blue Coupe is an animated short film released theatrically by Walt Disney Studios on 6 June 1952. The eight-minute film was directed by Clyde Geronimi and based on an original short-story by Bill Peet, the story was adapted for the screen by Peet and Don DaGradi. The DVD release of The Love Bug featured this short as a special feature.
The second record is Walt Disney's The Story of The Little House also from 1970. This one was based on a short film released on 8 August 1952, in which a small house has to try to compete with progress and the encroaching press of the big city. You can find this short on the Walt Disney Treasures DVD Disney Rarities - Celebrated Shorts, 1920s - 1960s.