Sunday, June 19, 2011

Apollo Music $1 Record Sale!

I finally got to Apollo Music today. I heard about them a few months back, but their hours are pretty much the same as the hours I work and they are not usually open on weekends. But I got an email from them this past week saying that they would be open today (Saturday) and that they had over 2500 new $1 albums, so I planned to make the trip to visit the store. I was not disappointed! I came home with 58 new albums, mostly Disney or Disney related.
Among my favorites, are:
  • A mint copy of Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean which still has its $5.98 Disneyland price sticker on it.
  • An RCA Camden album of Roy Rogers tells and sings about Pecos Bill from 1949.
  • Disneyland Records [DQ1296] Mary Martin Sings the Sound of Music from 1966.
  • Disneyland Records [3815] Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club Song Hits with a personal Mousketeer Cast Photo Album from 1975.
  • Buena Vista Records "Let's Get Together with Haley Mills" from 1962.
  • Somerset Records presents Favorite Songs from Walt Disney's Mary Poppins.
  • Columbia Records, The Dave Brubeck Quartet "Dave Digs Disney"
  • Official Mickey Mouse Club 78 R.P.M. Extra Play record of Walt Disney's The Littlest Outlaw from 1955.
  • Walt Disney "Little Gem" Record of The Aristocats.
  • A Pinocchio audio cassette that came with an LP sized booklet. Unfortunately the tape is missing, but I actually think I have an extra Pinocchio cassette somewhere that I can slip into this case.
I also got some more record sleeves to put my new records in. It is amazing how slipping an old beat up record into a glossy record sleeve can make it look so much more impressive!
As well as all the Disney records, I also picked up some other interesting albums incluidng an Art Linkletter album, a Reveen "Stop Smoking" album and a very cool Walter Lantz Woody Woodpecker album.