Monday, March 3, 2008

Fisher Price Record Players

Tonight's post is not directly related to Disneyland Records, but I decided I would share it here anyway.
I recently purchased this Fisher Price record player off of my works buy & sell web site for $15.
I was looking for a record player to put into my bedroom where all my records are. I spend a lot of time looking though my record collection, but was never able to listen to any of them in that room.
This little Fisher Price record player is great. Its very compact and takes up very little space, and sounds amazingly good for something with the Fisher Price logo on it. And... its a fun addition to my record collection.
I also have the younger kids version of the Fisher Price record player as well. And just the other day, my mother was doing some renovations in her home, and found one of the plastic records for the Fisher Price record player under the cabinets in her kitchen. To the average person, that would have been nothing. To me, it was like finding buried treasure in the back yard!
Now, if I can just find a Mickey Mouse record player, my life will be complete.