Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Mickey Mystery Kit

A Mickey Mystery KitIn all of my thrift store shopping I have come across these Mickey Mystery books, but I had never seen the complete kit until recently. I picked up this Mickey Mystery Kit: Robbery on the Overland Express unopened package recently for just $4. It contains a hard cover book, a 32-page hardcover picture book, a crime-stopping audio cassette and a secret clue decoder.
Listen to the cassette, inspect the pictures, decode the secret clues.
Mysterious travelers on the Overland Express are after Goofy's valuable set of comic books. Can Goofy get the books to the comic book show - or will a Master Thief steal them first? Only you can help Mickey solve the crime.

A Mickey Mystery KitSo get out the Secret Clue Decoder, look for the hidden secrets in the 32-page, hardcover Mystery Picture Book listen to the Audio Cassette, and follow the trail of clues to unlock the answer to the exciting mystery.
The package comes from Walt Disney Records and the back cover lists one other whodunnit titled Portrait of a Crime.

So, like last post, this is not a record, but it is an official Walt Disney Records product. And if I ever decide to bust this open, I am sure Kaden and I would have a lot of fun listening to the tape, collecting the clues and solving the mystery!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mickey's Tattered Tale

Mickey Mouse - Mickey's Tattered Tale Read-Along Book and TapeToday I have a Disneyland Records and Tapes product that is not actually a record, but instead is a 24 Page Read-Along Book and Tape. It is Disney's Mickey Mouse - Mickey's Tattered Tale from 1988. My copy did not have the tape, but the front cover says that along with the story, it also contained the song "Here's to the Ears of Love".
I do not usually pick up these 'book and tape' combos, as they almost never have the tape to go along with the book. Even though this one didn't have the tape, I really liked the cover art work with my favorite Disney character Pluto, and Mickey Mouse looking like like Charlie Chaplin's The Tramp.
Along with the front cover I have also scanned the inside cover where we are instructed to "turn the page when you hear the chimes ring."
I also scanned the inside back cover which lists the full line of 1988 Walt Disney Storyteller book and cassettes.
Mickey Mouse - Mickey's Tattered Tale Read-Along Book and Tape
Mickey Mouse - Mickey's Tattered Tale Read-Along Book and Tape