Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Mickey Mystery Kit

A Mickey Mystery KitIn all of my thrift store shopping I have come across these Mickey Mystery books, but I had never seen the complete kit until recently. I picked up this Mickey Mystery Kit: Robbery on the Overland Express unopened package recently for just $4. It contains a hard cover book, a 32-page hardcover picture book, a crime-stopping audio cassette and a secret clue decoder.
Listen to the cassette, inspect the pictures, decode the secret clues.
Mysterious travelers on the Overland Express are after Goofy's valuable set of comic books. Can Goofy get the books to the comic book show - or will a Master Thief steal them first? Only you can help Mickey solve the crime.

A Mickey Mystery KitSo get out the Secret Clue Decoder, look for the hidden secrets in the 32-page, hardcover Mystery Picture Book listen to the Audio Cassette, and follow the trail of clues to unlock the answer to the exciting mystery.
The package comes from Walt Disney Records and the back cover lists one other whodunnit titled Portrait of a Crime.

So, like last post, this is not a record, but it is an official Walt Disney Records product. And if I ever decide to bust this open, I am sure Kaden and I would have a lot of fun listening to the tape, collecting the clues and solving the mystery!


Anonymous said...

Wow, somehow I missed out on this one completely. I was collecting all the "See, Hear & Read" records, but I stopped just as they were going from 7" phonograph to casette. Maybe this is a little "after my time"?

Ronn Roxx said...

The date on the package is 1993. I have so much stuff that I didn't even realize that I had the other Mickey Mystery Kit (Portrait of a Crime) also still in complete condition.

MasterOfDefeat said...

I had this as a kid, and my brother and I LOVED it! So good! It was like Agatha Christie, but with Micky Mouse as Poirot on the Orient Express. Sadly our tape got eaten in the player years ago, and haven't been able to find it another like it. What I would give for that tape again lol

Clus Agus said...

since this seems impossible to find anywhere it would be great if someone could turn the cassette tape to mp3 for archival purposes