Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happiest Songs Presented by Your Gulf Dealer

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite thrift shops for records. To my surprise, they had actually expanded across the street as well, so the store is now actually twice the size. And they didn't disappoint. I came home with a pile of 25 cent records! One of the records I especially liked is this promotional record from Gulf. On the back of this 1967 album it says, "Your Gulf Dealer is happy to make this collector's album available to you."
The quality of the cover and record are pretty trashed, but I really like the cover artwork, and I love promotional items, so this is pretty cool. A quick check in my Disney vinyl collectors price guide lists this album at $15 is near mint condition, so I am guessing this copy is worth about $1.. so, I made out like a bandit, as I only paid 25 cents. woohoo!