Friday, June 26, 2009

Alice In Wonderland records

Today I wanted to post two Alice in Wonderland LPs I picked up at the thrift shop a few weekends ago. As I was setting up to take photo of the two covers, I got to thinking about all the stuff I have been seeing on line about the upcoming Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland movie. I then decided to expand my post to include all the Alice vinyl I have in my collection.
The first on is A Disneyland Records LP (DQ 1208) from 1959. I have two different versions. The first has a small white boarder about the edge of the front cover and the back cover is black and white with ads for 9 other Walt Disney long playing records... All for only $1.98 each! The other version has the red going right out to the edges of the cover (the LP pictured here). The back cover of this one is also black and white and features scenes from the movie along with the song title listings for the album.
NSecond is a nice LP from 1960 which contains the complete story, all the songs and the music, plus a full color illustrated book especially prepared for children by the Walt Disney Studio. This one opens up to reveal a book inside with great artwork and the story.
Third is the blue colored cover "Alice in Wonderland" from 1968. This one has the same back cover as the 1959 album with the scenes on the back, but this one is in color. Strangely, the front of the album is listed as copyright 1968 Walt Disney Productions, but the back says copyright 1963 Walt Disney Productions.Then I have 3 different 45 sized records (all are actually 33 1/3). Two of them are the 33 1/3 long playing records with 24 page books, the cover with the yellow border is from 1965 and the other is from 1979. The third record is a picture sleeve album from 1972.