Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walt Disney's Perri

Walt Disney's Perri LP recordHere is the other item I picked up last time I was out thrift store shopping. It's Walt Disney's Perri (released Feb. 22, 1961). Narrated by Jimmie Dodd and with songs by: George Burns, Paul Smith, Gil George, Ralph Wright and Winston Hibler.
This would have been my favorite item I picked up that day except for the fact that there is no vinyl record inside the record sleeve. The lady at the thrift shop was ready to toss it out when I told her it didn't have a record inside. When I told it it was OK, that I just wanted the cover, she looked at me strange and tossed it into the bag for free. As a Disney record collector, I would have loved it if the vinyl was inside and in mint condition, but the cover is still a great addition to my collection. Heck I could just toss an old Village People record inside this cover and slide it back into its protective collectors sleeve (which I put all my records in - amazing how good an old scuffed up record looks when you put it into a protective sleeve!) and no one would ever know!Walt Disney's Perri LP record
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Songs from Doctor Dolittle

A Disneyland Record Songs from Doctor Dolittle back coverI found a few really cool new Disney records while out thrift shopping last weekend. Here is "Songs from Doctor Dolittle" with the songs; My Friend the Doctor, Talk to the Animals, Beautiful Things, Doctor Dolittle, At the Crossroads, I've Never Seen Anything Like It. I almost didn't notice this album amongst all the old classical records etc, as it didn't look like most of the usual colorful Disney covers - thank goodness for that Disneyland Records logo in the top righthand corner!
This album is from 1967 and the front cover states that it is MONAURAL.
A Disneyland Record Songs From Doctor Dolittle front coverFrom the back cover: The "Dr. Dolittle" stories were born in the trenches of France during World War I.
Hugh Lofting, the author, was a British soldier. His great interest in all animals inspired illustrated letters from the front lines to his children at home. He invented the lovable, eccentric country physician, Dr. Dolittle. The letters so delighted his own and other children, that the author had them put in a book form.
The dozens of "Dr. Dolittle" stories have become literacy classics - of interest to adults as well as young people - probably because Hugh Lofting never wrote down to children. He never considered them as a separate species. He respected their intelligence and wrote accordingly.
The story of the Doctor, dedicated to animals, who could speak to them in their own languages, was, of course, a 'natural' for the motion picture screen.
Now Dr. Dolittle" has become a motion picture. An outstanding picture with a great cast of top stars and performers. It will very likely become one of the all time great pictures.
Leslie Bricusse, a British born composer-lyricist, is responsible for the musical score, the songs and lyrics. An exceptionally talented man of music, Leslie Bricusse has captured in words and music the fun, the excitement and the fantasy of "Dr. Dolittle."
The musical numbers included in this album were conducted by Camarata and Feature the Mike Sammes Singers.
Camarata has recently done several highly regarded and extremely successful albums with the Sammes choral group. Among them are such top albums as MAN OF LA MANCHA and THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE. These two albums are on the Vista Fanta-Sound label, a distinguished series of quality recordings each packaged with multi-paged illustrated books. Also in the series are Saint Saens "The Carnival of the Animals" and "Carousel."
This LP was manufactured in Canada by Walt Disney Music of Canada Limited.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disney's Gummi Bears: Gummies to the Rescue!

Disney's Gummi Bears record and story bookWhile out this past weekend, I found this 45 sized Disney's Gummi Bears record and story book. I have never been a fan of the Gummi Bears - I don't think I have every watched it - but I know that a lot of the people 10 or so years younger than I seem to be big fans! True to point, the cashier at the thrift shop got pretty excited when they saw the Gummi Bears record in my pile of items for purchase.
I see on the back of this record they advertise another Gummi Bears record called "Zummi's Magic Spell". Being as I love anything related to magic, I hope I find this one in my thrift shop travels in the future.
As I said, I am not a big fan of the Gummi Bears, but am I the only one that has a hard time telling the difference between the Gummi Bears and the Care Bears.