Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fisher-Price Talk-To-Me Book #2

I picked up some cool Fisher-Price Talk-To-Me Books a few months ago at the local thrift shop. I found 4 of them; Walt Disney's Ghost Chasers (Book No. 2), Walt Disney's Dumbo's Day At The Circus (Book No. 3), Walt Disney's The Clock Cleaners (Book N. 5), and Big Bird's Look and Listen Book (Book No. 8).
From the back of the book: "Fisher-Price has created the Talk-To-Me Player and Talk-To-Me Books. We've brought the incredible dimension of sound to bocks to make them more 'real' than ever before possible.
All that children have to do it place the Talk-To-Me Player over the sound discs on the pages of this talk-To-Me Book. Press the button and out pour the voices of well-loved friends."
Pictured here is the Ghost Chasers from 1977. As you can see from the photo, there are small 2 inch yellow discs on each page which contain the sound to go along with the text on that page. There are a total of 16 of these sound discs in this book. I don't remember these from my childhood, but I am sure that if I had any of these, I would have spend countless hours sitting and listening to them, just as I did with my favorite Disney LPs.
I don't have the Talk-To-Me Player yet, but I will be sure to keep my eyes peeled for one, as I would love to sit and listen to these books.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoy your blog!

So much fun to rediscover Lps I've acquired so many years ago and I haven't played in ages!

Keep up the good work!

A frequent Magicmusic.net reader!

Ronn Roxx said...

Thanks so much for visiting! Its great to know there are others who share my love of Disney music, and LPs in particular!

I am actually having so much fun collecting and listening to Disney vinyl that I am thinking about purchasing a really good record player. Right now I am using the JVC record player my mom gave me for a birthday present about 24 years ago hocked up to my Mac, and I have a FisherPrice record player in my room where I keep all my records. Neither one is great.

Ms. Leigh said...

I love these books, I have about 9 of them from childhood, I just dug them out of the closet with the player. The player has seen some better days and I need to get some batteries to see if it will still work. Either way they have them available on EBAY and I am tempted to get a fresh one to listen to them again. I spent hours in bed with these books!

Admin said...

Cnets crave site just featured a story on the Fisher Price Talk to Me Player. That is how I ended finding your page. It looks like a very fund toy, but I never saw on or even remember this toy from my childhood. Great blog I used to love the Disney story book.

Unknown said...

This book is awesome! I listened to it o many times over and over as a kid. I'm not a Disney collector but I can hear the songs from this book in my head and I'm determined to find it again! Get a player, it's worth it... :)

Unknown said...

If anyone has a player that works and wants to sell it let me know. I loved Yertle the turtle and The ghost chaers. I want to buy these for my daughter. Okay secretly for myself but I think she will love them too.

Unknown said...

God I loved that Ghost Chaser book - (wipes tear from eye)

Unknown said...

My boyfriend just bought me this book after I told him it was my favorite when I was a child. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find a player either. How about you? Any luck?