Sunday, April 6, 2008

Songs from Disneyland / Cliff Edwards

I attended the Neptoon Records Swap Meet today and picked up some really fun stuff. One of my favorites is this great Decca Records Extended Play '45 from the "Children's Hall of Fame Series" called "Songs from Disneyland" with 4 classic songs, sung by Cliff Edward, with orchestra directed by Sonny Burke. I don't see a year anywhere on the records, but since it says Disneyland and looks old, I am going to guess its from the mid to late 1950's.
Selections include:
"When You Wish Upon a Star" from Walt Disney's "Pinocchio", with chorus, Leigh Harline-Ned Washington.
"Give A Little Whistle" from Walt Disney's "Pinocchio", Leigh Harline-Ned Washington.
"Jiminy Cricket" from Walt Disney's "Pinocchio", Leigh Harline-Ned Washington.
"The Bird and the Cricket and the Willow Tree" from Walt Disney's "Melody", with the Rhythmaires, Sonny Burke-Paul Francis Webster.
Here is some info taken from the back of the record:
About Cliff Edwards... The voice of Cliff Edwards is a wonderfully sensitive instrument, with its own very special appeal for children (of all ages). Literally millions have heard Mr. Edwards' versatile voice in various Walt Disney film rolls; but if we had to select his most beloved and happiest characterization, most of us would pick his vocal impersonation of Jiminy Cricket in "Pinocchio."
Here to enjoy again and again, are the songs Cliff Edwards sang in "Pinocchio" plus another great favorite, "The Bird, the Cricket and the Willow Tree."
As any regular viewer (and just who isn't?) of Walt Disney's superb TV show, "Disneyland" will attest, the voice of Cliff Edwards is something of a fixture in the hearts and minds of us all.
About the Decca "Children's Hall of Fame Series." We have long felt children the world over deserve a Hall of Fame of their very own. When a children's favorite song or performance passes with flying colors, the trial of the years and successive generations of children, that song is a likely candidate for the "Children's Hall of Fame." Such songs, and the artists with whom they are identified, will be as enchanting to Tomorrow's children as they were to Yesterday's children. In this series, (and on this records for example) you will find songs of varying moods but with several universal qualities: here are songs that children the world over love to hear, love to sing - songs that make children happy!
This DECCA Unbreakable Record can be played only on 45 RPM instruments. For maximum protection, it should be kept in this package, away from heat.

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