Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Disney Records Score!

Various Disneyland RecordsOn Saturday evening my wife called me at 8:35 to let me know that she was at Talize (a local mega thrift store) and somebody had donated an entire collection of Disney records. I threw Kaden in the car and we headed off to the store before they closed at 9 pm. The store was across town, and we happened to come across a major traffic accident which had closed down one of the major streets we needed to get there. We arrived in the Talize parking lot at 8:55 pm. We ran into the store and headed to the back where the records are and found my wife standing there with a buggy full to capacity of Disney LPs and 45s. Before I even started looking though them, they were announcing over the PA that the store was now closed and for any shoppers left in the store to bring their items up to the cashier. I didn't have much time, so I quickly flipped though all the albums and picked out any I was sure I didn't already have. I came home with 34 LPs and 6 45's. I would have enjoyed having a little more time to look though them all, and I didn't even get to look through the racks to see if she had missed anything.
On my way out of the store, there was an older gentleman and I overheard him talking about seeing some cylinder records in the store - as soon as I heard that, I had to dash back into the home entertainment section to see what he was talking about. I ended up coming home with another very cool item which I will post about on my Big Pile of Stuff blog soon.


marĂ­a katia munares said...

Maybe you can help me.
When I was a kid, (almost 25 years ago!), I and my sisters had this casette called: "Walt Disney Presents The Great Composers" (we are peruvian, so we had the spanish version, probably translated in Mexico).
That casette was lost when our car was stolen, and we always missed it, it was beautiful!
So, now I would love to get it as a gift to my niece and nephew... do you have any idea of where can I get one????

Ronn Roxx said...

Do you remember what the cover looked like, or any of the songs that was on it?