Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Disneyland Records Thrift Shop Finds

I decided today to check out some of my local thrift shops... something I don't usually do. I am always checking out thrift shops in other cities, but very rarely do I actually check out the ones right in my own back yard. So, today I made an effort to visit three of them. The first one turned out to be the best, as records were just 25 cents each and there were tons to go though. I ended up coming home with 32 albums from that store alone.
While I was looking though the records at the store, I knew they were just 25 cents each, so I was pulling out anything that looked interesting - even stuff I knew I had multiple copies of already. One of the last albums I found was the 1972 Vista album Walt Disney World Band, a record I have been hoping to find for some time now. I was really excited until I found that the album inside the cover was not the correct one. Once I knew I had the cover but no album, I started looking at all the loose albums without covers, hoping to find the album that went with this cover, but had no luck finding it. It didn't really matter, though, as I was still pretty happy with finding just the cover.
Fast forward a few hours when I got home and started going though my new pile of albums. As I went though the pile, I pulled out each album to see if it actually matched the cover. All was well until I got to the album Most Beloved Songs, which didn't seem to have the right album inside. But to my excitement, it was the Walt Disney World Band album that I was missing, and as it turned out, the Most Beloved Songs album was inside the Walt Disney World Band cover. I'm so glad that records were just 25 cents, as I probably would not have bought the Most Beloved Songs record as I knew I had a number of copies at home already. But as it turns out, I am extremely happy that I picked up this one as well!
Another strange thing was the All About Dragons record, Inside the cover were two albums, but unlike usual, when I find an extra odd ball album stuffed inside a cover, this time, both albums were All About Dragons. The only difference being that one is labeled 1301 and the other is DQ-1301.
Then there was Pete's Dragon which again, I knew I had, but I was surprised to see that this one has a sleeve inside with artwork on it which I do not remember ever seeing in any of my previous copies.
There was also a very cool 101 Dalmatiens album from Un Disque Disneyland. It is a 1965 release by Walt Disney Music of Canada Limited, and is in French. This is the first Disney album in French that I have ever come across. Now I am hoping to find other albums in French, as this one has different artwork from any I had previously, which makes me wonder if they were always different, of I just haven't found the English version of this one yet?
As well as records, I came home with some cool Disney pins, lots of old magazines filled with old Disney ads and a few other odds and ends. All in all I would say I had a pretty good day!


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