Monday, July 20, 2020

Concept Drawings of the Disneyland Music Shop

Here are two great pieces of concept artwork for the Disneyland music shop on Main Street USA. First up is a piece of concept art for the Music Store done sometime before Disneyland's July 17th, 1955 opening. I love that there is a player piano in the shop along with a wall of what looks to be player piano rolls for sale - which Disneyland did sell early on. I also love the table and chair that look like they hung out here before their emergence in the séance room of the Haunted Mansion 14 years later.
20th Century Music Shop, Disneyland Records

Next is a commemorative poster (Disneyland 1999) featuring the concept art of Imagineer Sam McKim, that was created to mark the opening of the "20th Century Music Company" on Main Street on June 20, 1999. Over the years, the shop has sold limited edition pins, Disney sheet music, cds, and other souvenirs, and this concept art provides a fantastic look at the inside of this unique location.
Disneyland 1999, Sam McKim concept artwork poster

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