Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1958 Sleeping Beauty LP with Mail-In Card

I picked up this great looking Sleeping Beauty LP the other day at a local thrift shop for $1. Being that Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney movie, I am always thrilled to add a new Sleeping Beauty item to my collection. And this LP is in great shape considering its age and the fact that most kids records you find are pretty beaten up and in pretty bad shape. This one is a gatefold and has the complete 11 page book inside.
I was surprised to see that the LP was inside a paper sleeve, as I have encountered very few kids records that still had their inner sleeves. But what was even better was that there was also a Disneyland Records mail-in postcard inside. The first of its type that I have encountered in the past 20 years of collecting Disney records. The postcard was a questionnaire asking where you bought this album, do you own a Super 8mm movie projector, and do you have a cassette tape player? It also asked if you would like to know more about other Disney merchandise? I would love to know what they would have sent out if you replied "Yes" to that question?

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