Saturday, August 9, 2008

1966 Pinocchio Record with Mail-In Card

I picked up some cool Disneyland "Record and book" records at the thrift shop today. One of them was the 1966 story of Pinocchio with songs from the original soundtrack of the motion picture. As well as being in near mint condition, I was excited to see that hidden behind the record inside, was a mail-in card from Disneyland Records in Great Neck, NY. It's always amazing to find this sort of stuff, even more amazing to find it in great condition, considering that this record was probably in some kids collection for years and usually these things are pretty beaten up.
As well as asking if you would like to receive more info on Disney merchandise (I'd love to see the merchandise info Disney was mailing out back in 1966), they also asked for the Child's birth date? Did they used to send something out to kids on their birthdays if they replied with this card? If so, I would love to know what the kids received! If by chance anyone reading this, ever did fill one of these cards out and received something in the mail from Disney, let me me know so I can share it with everyone else here at the Disneyland Records blog.


Terrance T said...

Wow. I find these treasures whenever I buy old Disney LPs, too/ Many years ago, I actually sent one in (I was little at the time, lol) hoping for a response. It's interesting that they are addressed to either New York or Paramount, CA when they are based in Burbank.

Ronn Roxx said...

Of the hundreds and hundres of used Disney albums I have picked up, I have only found 2 of these mail in cards so far. I guess kids in my area were more apt to send these things in than in your area!?

This particular album was printed in the US, but many of the Disney LPs I pick up were made in Canada. I wonder if any of these mail in cards were addressed to a Canadian address?