Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pinnocchio... Final Sale

Back in January, the Cloverdale Antique Mall closed for good. I used to stop by on a semi regular basis and always found lots of interesting stuff and came home with some of it.  We made a point of visiting the store before they closed. We were there on the second to last day and there were all kinds of great deals on all remaining items. I found this very cool Walt Disney Pinocchio RCA Victor 3 record set and wondered what the price would be since it did not have a price on it. After looking around and finding most of the shelves were pretty bare at this point (they would close the next day), this was the only item I was interested in and so we headed to the cash to make my purchase. We waiting in a line of about 15 people until it was our turn. The lady took a look and said how about $1? I said, sounds good to me! I pulled some change from my pocket to make my purchase.
Once I got home I had a look though my Disney record price guide and could only find one listing that seemed to match. It was at the beginning of the book in a section titled "Disney records valued at over $150".  The listing says: Victor P-18: "Pinocchio"; recorded January 19, 1940, released in February 1940; MST; three record set; 78 RPM; cover notes: "Recorded from the original sound track of the Walt Disney Production, Pinocchio; this was the first use of the term "original sound track"; individual records numbered 26477, 26478, and 26479
First issue: Light blue, die-cut front cover with eight color picture panels on ten inner jacket and sleeves; internal sleeve artwork is beautiful; initially sold for $2.00....... $150
My copy has slightly different record numbers, 45-5138, 45-5139, and 45-5140. There is also no artwork on the inside sleeves. And although the cover says "printed in the I.S.A.", the 3 records say "Made in Canada by RCA Victor Company Limited Montreal", so it would seem that my copy is pretty much the same thing, but a Canadian pressing from around the same time at the US one listed in the book.
My copy does have an interesting addition, as there is a gold and blue metalic sticker on the inside which says " Everything in Music, Fletcher's, Victoria, BC" which must have been the music store that this record was originally purchased in. I looked up Fletcher's on Google, but it doesn't seem they are still around.
I must say, that I am pretty happy with my $1 purchase.


Jennifer Wolfe said...

I have one of these record sets that I'd like to sell, as well as other Disney 78 sets. Do you have a good source for buyers?

Ronn Roxx said...

I am always happy to add this sort of stuff to my collection, but I tend to find them at thrift shops etc, and don't like to pay collectors prices. Usually eBay is your best chance to see collectables such as Disney records. Even if I am not buying, I am always interested to see what others have. If you have photos, please share!

beeb said...

Fletchers was a furniture store that also sold records. They had a store in Victoria and Nanaimo, both on Vancouver Island. They went out of the furniture business in the late 1980's and probably stopped selling records in the early 1970's.

Ronn Roxx said...

How convenient. You could go to Fletchers and buy a new sofa and a couple of records, then go home and check out my new music while sitting on your new sofa.