Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pinnocchio... Final Sale

Back in January, the Cloverdale Antique Mall closed for good. I used to stop by on a semi regular basis and always found lots of interesting stuff and came home with some of it.  We made a point of visiting the store before they closed. We were there on the second to last day and there were all kinds of great deals on all remaining items. I found this very cool Walt Disney Pinocchio RCA Victor 3 record set and wondered what the price would be since it did not have a price on it. After looking around and finding most of the shelves were pretty bare at this point (they would close the next day), this was the only item I was interested in and so we headed to the cash to make my purchase. We waiting in a line of about 15 people until it was our turn. The lady took a look and said how about $1? I said, sounds good to me! I pulled some change from my pocket to make my purchase.
Once I got home I had a look though my Disney record price guide and could only find one listing that seemed to match. It was at the beginning of the book in a section titled "Disney records valued at over $150".  The listing says: Victor P-18: "Pinocchio"; recorded January 19, 1940, released in February 1940; MST; three record set; 78 RPM; cover notes: "Recorded from the original sound track of the Walt Disney Production, Pinocchio; this was the first use of the term "original sound track"; individual records numbered 26477, 26478, and 26479
First issue: Light blue, die-cut front cover with eight color picture panels on ten inner jacket and sleeves; internal sleeve artwork is beautiful; initially sold for $2.00....... $150
My copy has slightly different record numbers, 45-5138, 45-5139, and 45-5140. There is also no artwork on the inside sleeves. And although the cover says "printed in the I.S.A.", the 3 records say "Made in Canada by RCA Victor Company Limited Montreal", so it would seem that my copy is pretty much the same thing, but a Canadian pressing from around the same time at the US one listed in the book.
My copy does have an interesting addition, as there is a gold and blue metalic sticker on the inside which says " Everything in Music, Fletcher's, Victoria, BC" which must have been the music store that this record was originally purchased in. I looked up Fletcher's on Google, but it doesn't seem they are still around.
I must say, that I am pretty happy with my $1 purchase.


mamawolfe said...

I have one of these record sets that I'd like to sell, as well as other Disney 78 sets. Do you have a good source for buyers?

Ronn Roxx said...

I am always happy to add this sort of stuff to my collection, but I tend to find them at thrift shops etc, and don't like to pay collectors prices. Usually eBay is your best chance to see collectables such as Disney records. Even if I am not buying, I am always interested to see what others have. If you have photos, please share!