Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's Fly with Mary Poppins

After seeing the Disney's Archive Collection ad that I posted a while back, I went on the hunt for the 3 CDs listed in the ad. The first one I have acquired is Let's Fly with Mary Poppins (1965) which I was able to get from Amazon Market Place for $12.48. And after a few listens, I can say it was well worth the effort. It is a great listen from beginning to end filled with a great upbeat retro jazz / lounge sound that I am becoming a big fan of. I will certainly be on the lookout for this one on vinyl.
From the liner notes of the CD:
May I take this opportunity to pay a tribute to the Walt Disney Studio for giving us this great movie Mary Poppins, and may I pay tribute to Richard M. Sharman and Robert B. Sharman for giving us the most wonderful and delightful tunes ever to go into a movie. When I first heard these tunes, I flipped and immediately recorded "Stay Awake" and "Spoonful of Sugar."
We had the pleasure of introducing these two great tunes to our Las Vegas audiences. I then called in Gia Miaone (Mrs. Louis Prima) and together we went ahead and recorded the balance of these tunes to complete this album. We hope you will enjoy our treatments. In all my years of show business, I have never had so much fun. I do hope when you play this album over and over that you will enjoy the same kind of pleasure. Especially listen to Gia's interpretation of "Sister Suffragette"... WOW!


Anonymous said...

I remember that when I worked in xlpharmacy my sister were 5 years old, she loved Mary Poppins !

Ronn Roxx said...

Many months after buying this CD, I am still listening to it all the time. It was well worth my purchase from Amazon marketplace as a cheap used copy.

Unknown said...

I have that exact vinyl you're looking for.