Thursday, July 9, 2015

Walt Disney's Three Little Pigs

Yesterday I picked up a neat record at a thrift shop for just 25 cents. I had never seen this one before, so even though it was in rough shape with black electrical tape all around the edges and the original owners name and address on the front cover, I gladly picked it up! After carefully removing the electrical tape from around the outside edge and then placing it into a nice sealed album sleeve, it looks pretty nice in my collection. Its amazing how something that I almost didn't pick up because it was in such bad shape, ends up looking so good in my collection once a little TLC is given to it.
This is Walt Disney's "Three Little Pigs" A Capitol Record Reader, told by Don Wilson with members of the original cast. Adapted and produced by Alan Livingston. This version was manufactured in Canada by Capitol Records Canada, LTD.

Side 1
The Three Little Pigs adapted by Alan Livingston from the Walt Disney production, along with Don Wilsonian Original Cast music adapted by Billy May.

Side 2 contains a few miscellaneous Disney classics;
Whistle While You Work & The Dwarfs's Yodel Song
Hi Diddle Dee Dee & Little Wooden Head
Little April Shower & Give a Little Whistle
Heigh-Ho & Bluddle Uddle Um Dum
When I See an Elephant Fly & Casey Junior
Uncle Remus Said & Look Out For Mr. Stork
Happy Jack Smith

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