Monday, October 12, 2015

Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House 2015 Vinyl LP Record

Today when I visited my local HMV music store, I was there to pick up a few special orders; Annihilator "Suicide Society", New Years Day "Malevolence" and Queensryche "Condition Human". While I was in the store, I took a look though the vinyl section and to my surprise, found a vinyl copy of Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House. The front has a sticker which states: "The original 1964 classic collection of spooky sound effects available on vinyl for the first time in over 30 years". Great move Disney... I have many copies of the original, and today, I 'had to' buy this copy. How could I walk out of the store without a shiny new copy of this record?
This was the first Disney record I ever owned as a kid, although my copy was the later version with an orange 'Halloween' looking cover. As a ten year old, I remember playing it over and over and thinking it was so cool. Listening to it today, it's hard not to chuckle at all the cheesy stuff that makes up this strange album.
On the back there is a 'Walt Disney Records Vinyl Vault Collection' logo. I was hoping to find a web site filled with new and upcoming Disney vinyl releases, but sadly I could not find anything about Vinyl Vault online. In fact I could not find much about this at all, although once I knew to look for it, I found it listed on Amazon.
Disney 2015 Vinyl LP Record, Haunted Mansion

Disney 2015 Vinyl LP Record, Haunted Mansion

Disney 2015 Vinyl LP Record, Haunted Mansion

Disney 2015 Vinyl LP Record, Haunted Mansion


Teleclashter said...

Not sure how many releases the 'Vinyl Vault' has put out yet, but the only other one I own is A Day at Disneyland with Walt Disney, which was on sale at the 2015 D23 Expo.

Terrance T said...

Very cool find. I still have an original copy as well. I hope this is a beginning to the return of Disney on vinyl with more releases and reissues.

Ronn Roxx said...

I was thrilled to picked up my copy of the Vinyl Vault edition of A Day to Disneyland with Walt Disney while at Disneyland this past Christmas. I too hope there are lots more Vinyl Vault releases. I see that The Magic Mirror: Lady and the Tramp is currently available on, so that is on my list of must purchases. I just wish it was available on as shipping to Canada from Disney in the US is very costly, sometimes more than the item I am ordering.
And although Disney has been releasing lots of picture discs, I much prefer 'black' vinyl records to picture discs.